Mold Testing?

Do We Really Need Mold Testing?

This is a question we frequently get from property managers. We don’t do testing—we believe that it needs to be done by an independent consultant who is not a mold remediation contractor. Testing identifies the types and levels of mold present and, after remediation, provides assurance and documentation that it has been removed. It also adds another cost to the remediation process.

A major reason for mold testing is to protect the HOA or property owner from liability. You should definitely have testing if:

  • The mold appears extensive;
  • The occupants are elderly, very young, have allergies or respiratory ailments; or
  • The occupant expresses concern about the mold affecting their health.

Even if the mold is not very extensive, if you are hearing about health concerns from the occupants, you need to have testing done.

We can help you evaluate the situation and refer you to reputable, independent mold consultants to perform the tests. We don’t charge for our initial assessment, and we can help you decide how to proceed.

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